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Beau Monde breeding the finest Australian Labradoodles  in Riverside California  Golden Doodles are great but are Labradoodles better? Beau Monde breeders of California's finest Labradoodle puppies for sale in Phoenix Arizona, New York , Chicago.   San Franciscos best Choice for the Finest Australian Labradoodles in Southern California.   Beau Monde Labradoodles ships to Europe including the UK , Denmark, and the Netherlands.   Beau Monde Labradoodles is San Diego California's first choice for Labradoodle puppies.
Labradoodle Puppies for sale Australian Labradoodles California, Nevada, Arizona, San Diego California. Are these puppies better than Golden Doodles?? We Ship to New York, Chicago, Florida, Amanda Grande's Ophelia puppy
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Hello my friends.    What I love most about growing doodles is the absolute joy they bring my clients.
Below are excerpts from emails I have received.   

RE: Copper
Hello Curtis! We have only had our puppy for a week and are very impressed with how well he has adapted to our family! He started playing with the kids right away as well as my husband and I. He is already pretty much potty trained!!! We can't believe how fast and easy it was to do the potty training. When we were told it wouldn't take long we still expected a good month or so but no. We took him to a family member's house the other night for a few hours and when we got home he was so excited to be back in our home which tells me that he knows where his home is and that he's happy here! He's made a certain corner in his room his favorite spot to lay down for a nap. We were surprised to see how mellow but playful he can be. He doesn't even bother me in the kitchen while I'm making dinner! It's been a fun week for us and just love having him around. I still visit your page and youtube videos every day, just for fun I guess. I was watching a video of him with his siblings a few days before he was sent to us and when he heard your voice, he was all over the computer with his tail just a wagging! We can tell he misses you! Thanks for everything! We couldn't have asked for a better dog! 
P.S. I've attached a picture of Copper on his bed! 

RE: Santino 

Good morning Curtis, we hope things are going well for you and your beautiful dogs.  We still visit your website often and think you have had some beautiful litters over past few months.  We absolutely love " Santino ", he is just the perfect dog.  The doodles are so intelligent and loving, and he is very special.  He is a beautiful dog, his coat is something else and he is so well balanced.  He has the best personality and never meets a stranger.  We have friends that stop by just to see what Santino looks like that week.  For us he is a constant companion, and he and Tate our Frenchie, are the best of friends.  It is really special to see how they interact with each other.  We will get some pictures to you this week; he is a very good representative of the quality of BeauMonde Labradoodles and your breeding program.  I think he weighs about 40lbs; at six months he was 32lbs.  He runs the property every day, all day long and is in great physical shape, we're thankful that he is still puppy like and doesn't know yet what he is capable of (stays close to us, and minds extremely well), but loves to run and be chased.  He's great! 

Take care,


RE: Molly   

So sorry for the delay, your email was buried with a crush after a vacation.
Molly is doing fabulous. My girls love her to death and she is a great addition to our family.
We live very close to the beach and her walk is along the Strand (beach front) and let me tell you she gets alot of attention. Everyone knows Molly and we always get inquires about you.
We could send TONS of referrals your way and would be happy to do so.
If you like, send some business cards and I will keep one with me on my walks. Someone is always asking where she is from.
I will get some pictures out to you soon.
Take care,


RE: Ginger


Hi Curt,

I wanted to let you know that we got the puppy home safely and she seems to be enjoying her new home.  It has been great spending the whole weekend getting to know her better, and she us. We still haven't decided on a name, but are leaning towards, Ginger.

I wanted to thank you again for making the purchase of this puppy such a great experience and for taking such good care of the dogs. It's really clear to see how much you care for them. I was a little nervous about the whole process because I've never done this before, but looking back, I realized that I shouldn't have been.  We are really pleased with our little puppy and have already had so much fun with her.



RE: Vinny

Hi Curt,
Vinny is adapting very well. He is super social and funny. He  wants to be
with one of us every minute and he follows me everywhere so I didn't really
had a chance to leave home. Julia and her fiancé came to play. Josh is 'the
trainer in charge'. Our parents and friends stopped by  and everybody loved
We sow a vet on Monday, Vinny had got scheduled shot. We had a professional
trainer yesterday, with whom we are going to meet 8 times every other week.
Curt, thank you so much for an amazing puppy. He is growing fest and  I'm
going to send you picture shortly.


RE: Dylan

Hey Curtiss,

I figured out how to email you some pics but I haven't figured out yet how to put them on one page so sorry for all the separate pictures.
We are enjoying Dylan to the fullest.  He has brought a whole new level of happiness to our home.  We took our first puppy training class on Saturday and Dylan was the calmest puppy of all. Everyone was impressed with us. I told them, we had little to do with it, it's all in the breeding.  He's so smart and learns very quickly and is a joy to be around.  We are spending these weeks trying to socialize him and get him used to the big world around him.  No matter where we go, people stop us to comment on how beautiful and sweet he is. 
I'll try to send you some family pictures soon. We love him so much and can't beleive we've only had him for three weeks.  
I'll keep in touch,

RE: Bamboo

Here's  bamboo and I,  he's snacking and I'm having a beer in the back yard we will hang out for an hour like this with him just sitting on my lap,I LOVE MY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


RE: Abigail

Abigail is probably the happiest, most beautiful, smartest Labradoodle in the entire world. She has adapted to our home and our Bulldog without any problems at all. Did the Cherribear-Waldo mating take? We are looking forward to another new member of the family.  


RE: Cozi

Hello Curtis, 
  Have been meaning to update you on Cozi for a while, but was never able to get around to it. She is doing very well. She is so smart and loving, one of the best dogs I ever had. I walk her almost every where without a leash, people are so impressed when they see her...they always comment on how beautiful and well behaved she is (they cannot believe that she is only 7 months old). People actually stop in the middle of the street in their car to tell me what a beautiful dog she is. I could not be more happy with her. Hope all is well with you and the other labradoodles. I will send you pictures of Cozi as soon as possible. Thank you so much for inquiring about us.


RE:  Beau

Wonderful, sweet, and adorable. I've meant to write to you before now,
but I've been very busy with a new puppy! We've decided to call him
"Beau."  I've spent a lot of time with him and he's very receptive to
training. We've already taught him to fetch a ball and to greet people
without jumping up. He's coming along with walking on a leash. He's 95%
house-trained. He sleeps through the night and takes naps in his space
in the hall bathroom without barking or whining. I've decided to devote
quite a bit of time to training him in these early weeks, so that we
get off to a good start. Last night he was absolutely delightful to
watch play with another puppy on a play date. I intend to find a couple
playmates for him so that he can have regular puppy playdates. It's
hilarious to watch him try to get one of our cats to play with him.
They just stare at him or give him the cold shoulder, but he keeps



Hi! I've attached some pictures of our little boy, Dundee. I have to tell you that he is the most incredible dog. He is so sweet, so attentive, so easy to train, and even intuitive-- when I want to hang out, he hangs out. When I want to play or bring him to the dog park, he plays. I feel incredibly lucky to have ended up with such an amazing dog, so thank you for the excellent breeding that you do. I couldn't be more happy with him!

I hope you enjoy the pictures! By the way, the last one is him in his Halloween costume-- a spider, if you can't tell!

Thanks again!

Here is Lana a little over a month since we got her.  She is wonderful!  She loves to cuddle and is a total goof. She has become the little celebrity in our area.  Her favorite trick is to shake, and as I am typing she just ran in with a bunch of towels so I am including a pic of her right now too. She loves everyone she meets and insists staying by my side at all times-she follows me everywhere. Everywhere I go people say she is the cutest puppy and looks like a little teddy bear. Tons of people are also always asking where she is from so I hope I've sent a few people your way.  I'm sending six pictures so hopefully you'll receive them all.  Thanks!


We just wanted to drop you a quick email and let you know how happy we are with our new puppy, Hogan.  Not only does he have the sweetest personality, but he's also extremely intelligent.  In only two days he learned to sit and shake.  He's also about 80% potty trained.  He loves to follow us around the house, but also enjoys time by himself.  And he loves his crate like a teenager loves his room.  He is the perfect pet.  We're looking forward to watching him grow up happy and healthy.

Here's a pic of the little man.  More to come in the near future...

Take care,

Hi Curtiss,
Marley is the most terrific dog.  I see you describe Thistle as the one that is sensitive and loves to be on the couch with you.  That describes Marley too.  His favorite place to be is next to you and he prefers it if he can have his head in your lap!  Both of our kids are off to college and Marley is a great companion for Rick and I.  He loves a 5:30 a.m. walk with Rick and  is then happy to jump in bed and snuggle with me until I'm up at 7:00.  He greets the kids with love and enthusiasm every time they come home; the reality is that Marley always gets the first hug!  I continue to give friends your website link.  I really believe that you have remarkable dogs.  Everyone falls in love with Marley and I tell them that they need to really consider the personality of the parents...not every doodle is like Marley!
Thank you for stopping by my website. Beau Monde means (among other things) beautiful people and while Australian Labradoodles are not people they can at times be a preferable substitute. However, I think you will find, after looking at the pictures on the website, and if you are fortunate enough to speak to an owner of one of my dogs, that Labradoodles may really just be beautiful little people.
Located in Beautiful Southern California. A short drive from Los Angeles and San Diego and a quick flight to Ontario California International Airport from Northern California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Beau Monde Labradoodles
 Riverside California USA



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